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Welcome to Natural Healing Spa

Our soothing Spa-like setting allows you to relax and feel comfortable while our expertly trained staff assist you in making the right health and beauty choices.

Nurture your mind, body and spirit.  Look no further and explore all the opportunities available from our range of body treatments and massage therapies.  - All administered with the highest integrity and safety.

Let us take you to a world of tranquillity, where essential oils and plant extract blend together to restore your natural wellness and vitality.  Our goal is your well-being!


Highly Effective Massage Therapy

We know London life is hectic and busy. Our vision at Natural Healing Spa is simply to help you function at your best. We achieve this by releasing the tension and effects of stress in your body through safe, natural, effective massage.

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Skin & Eye Care

We are expert at creating silky smooth skin and beautiful eyes leaving you feeling pampered, revitalised and full of confident sensuality.

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Opening Times

Monday - Sunday

10.30 am to 10.00 pm


Natural Healing Spa

24 Baron Street

Islington, N1 9ES

t: 020 7837 6888 / 07736 500209